From the sites I have read, it appears the reference is a taunt responding to another taunt. The enemy he was trying to conquer stated even their lame and blind could defend against David and his men.

This site has a good explanation about it:

“Remember, this is what David is saying this to his men. They all knew that they had been taunted by the people of the city. They all knew that the people of the city had said that the lame and blind could keep the armies of Israel away. David is basically said, “Okay, let’s see them (their blind and lame) try it.” Basically, he was using their misplaced confidence as a motivational tactic for his men. He hated the men that taunted him, and in this case it was the men who defended the city. The men who defended this city said that the blind and lame could do it. Therefore, David was saying that if this is actually the case and the blind and the lame are really defending that wall, let them try to hold us off.

David hated them because they taunted the children of Israel and God. He did not hate them because they had disabilities, and from what I can tell, we really do not even know if there were any defenders with disabilities. It seems as if this was largely a taunt thrown down by the inhabitants of Jerusalem which was then turned into a motivational technique by David.”

Another good site addressing this question:


This passage was a bit troubling upon first read. I came to 2 Samuel 1:14 that stated David killed the young Amalekite that brought news that he killed Saul (per Saul’s request) and David, who was grieved, killed him. I struggled to find many sources that have a good explanation. 

This site has a list of them, but I don’t find too many particularly helpful:

My thoughts on this are that the boy admitted treason by killing him. David did not always make the best “godly” decisions throughout his life. He also wanted to show publicly that he was grieved and not responsible for sending the boy to kill his king. The other possible reason is that Saul was appointed by God, and no one has authority to kill him except God. 

The boy was likely lying as pointed out by this site: so he was admitting treason on a lie hoping to gain favor. 

When getting to the passage of Samuel 20:41 it had a line that said David and Jonathan kissed each other? I thought this a bit odd and was curious about it. 

In doing some research apparently there is a bit of a question as to if they were possibly homosexual lovers. This website has a giant write up about that topic disputing this theory:

Another LGBT site that believes they were lovers lists their points here:

My personal thoughts are that they were not lovers, but just very close.

Update: Hmmm… I found another site that makes some excellent points on why maybe they were possibly gay lovers.  


In the Bible it says that Goliath was 4 cubits and a span, just how tall is that? According to Wikipedia it says he is 6 foot 9 inches or 2.06 meters. 

Also according to Wikipedia the mesoretic text puts him at nine foot nine inches, as their 6 cubits and a span which is 9 foot and 9 inches or 2.97 meters.

His armor which was weighed 5000 shekels which according to this handy conversion site is 125 pounds.