I ran across the word Shoel many times while reading the Bible. In the Bible i I found it frequently, below is a site that explains it well:


“The Hebrew word “Sheol” is often translated “hell” in the English versions. However this gives the wrong inference. It is never used of the final destination of the wicked. Sheol is used in Old Testament in basically five ways: 

1. The unseen realm of the dead 

2. The grave – the actual place where bodies are buried 

3. Specifically, the place of punishment for the wicked 

4. Symbolically 

5. The place from where the righteous are saved”

In the book of Job:

“In the Old Testament, Satan has no latitude to operate outside of what God gives him permission to do. Think of him more like a prosecuting attorney, beholden to God’s judiciary authority. He actually works alongside God instead of against God.”